Brett Hammond

Santa Barbara, CA


Brett Hammond’s spray-painted canvas panels pay homage to pop art traditions as he explores his own impulse for satire, drama, and romantic tension. Above all, his work is smart, fun, and vibrant.

Covered in  paint and fueled by caffeine-laced neurosis, Hammond regularly works on several panels at once, producing distinctive, quick messaging that can brighten any room. He finds the process transformative as he moves from a state of deadline panic into more sublime realms of creativity.

Self-taught from an early age, Hammond emulated Mad Magazine comic art before putting down roots in the skate/surf cultures of Sonoma, San Francisco, and Southern California, as well as working in their attendant music scenes. 

Receiving his Bachelor of Arts  from San Jose. He later returned to roles of Art Director of established action sports companies and became a founding member of Street Wear brands. Until stepping into his own by opening multiple Galleries in Los Angeles. Closing those doors only to solely commit to creating fine art full time. 

He currently works in Santa Barbara, Sonoma, and Palm Springs.

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Brett Hammond