Compound Editions is a California based collective of established and influential artists determined to simplify the production and publishing of their creativity. Our operation allows our exclusive crew of talent to focus their attention on creating, while the C.E. team handles the rest. Within the walls here at The Compound, we've built a one-stop-shop for both artist and collector. Every step of the process from design to printing, releases to shipping, framing, and authentication services are all under one roof at Compound Editions.


Compound Editions offers full support in edition production, logistics and technology. From start to finish, C.E. handles everything--all the way down to shipping your edition to collectors while also opening the door to new fans.

What we provide:

• Hi resolution photography

• Flat bed scanning

• RIP Color matching software

• Wide variety of archival paper

• Hand Deckled Edges

• Latest EPSON K3 Archival Printers

• Screen Printing

• Hand Embeleishing 

• Patented COA technology



    Kelly "RISK" Graval has been synonymous with the Los Angeles art community for over 30 Years. From his early days as a founder of the West Coast Graffiti movement to gallery and museum exhibits around the globe, including the 2012 "Art In The Streets" at the LA MoCA and the hugely successful “Beyond The Streets” exhibits in Los Angeles and New York. His work is shown at top galleries in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Toronto, New York, Miami, and London.



    Sam Whitney founded Giclee LA in 2006 and has been producing editions for a range of artists ever since. Born and raised in Los Angeles, Sam first cut his teeth in the art world at Ota House, a fine art framing studio catering to the upper echelons of the art world. This is where he learned how to navigate all parts of the industry, including galleries, artists, and collectors. Sam was also mentored by Jack Duganne, the godfather of digital printing and creator of the term "giclee print". Over the years in its Venice Beach location, Giclee LA built an impeccable reputation into what is known by many as the artists' print shop. Now, Giclee LA is the heart within the walls of The Compound, acting as the production arm of Compound Editions.