Asia Taber

Los Angeles

Asia Taber is an inspiring self-taught cannabis artist who discovered her passion for art and cannabis through a difficult journey. Born and raised in Sparks, Nevada, Asia had a limited perspective on the world. However, at 19, she was convinced by an agent to move to Los Angeles to pursue modeling and acting, which seemed like the perfect opportunity to escape her small town life. Unfortunately, her naiveté quickly became apparent when she found herself in uncomfortable and sometimes unsafe situations in the entertainment industry.

Modeling and acting around the world took its toll on Asia both physically and mentally, leaving her feeling exhausted, anxious, and depressed. Asia decided to pursue a degree in psychology and became a special education teaching assistant. However, her life changed when she met Waylon, her husband, who introduced her to high-quality cannabis over 13 years ago. Waylon's knowledge of the plant opened up a new world for Asia. Asia's first experience with cannabis was unremarkable, but Waylon encouraged her to try a better product, and it changed her life. Cannabis helped her deal with the trauma she accumulated from modeling and acting and her struggles with anxiety, low self-esteem, and depression. Micro-dosing also helped keep her mounting anxiety at bay all day long, and it helped her get precious sleep, which is very healing.

Cannabis became a creative outlet for Asia, and she became the Creative Artist for 3cFarms. Her art is inspired by her own struggle with anxiety, mental health, and depression. She puts so much passion and intention into the art she creates, and it's essential for her to use it to help others. She believes that if she could help even one person feel a sense of hope through her art and experiences, then she feels successful. Before working with the plants, Asia always makes time to sit with them and vibe with them. She lays down intentions before them, asking for their assistance to inspire her to create art that can touch others. Asia's story is one of hope and resilience. She overcame the trauma and struggles that came with her journey and found her passion and purpose in cannabis art. She wants to pay her experiences forward by helping others and actively exploring the best avenues to assist those in need. Her art is not just a reflection of her journey but also an inspiration to others who may be struggling with their mental health.

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Asia Taber