Life After Death Street

Los Angeles, CA

lifeafterdeath is the pseudonym for artist, Dave Navarro, who spent his childhood immersed among the drafting tables and art supplies that belonged to his father, a creative director in the world of advertising.

Dave is a fierce advocate of mental health awareness and all of his artwork is inspired by his own experiences with trauma and depression. Each of Dave’s creations, from individual paintings to large scale, sculptural installations, tells a story – stories that he hopes will help eradicate the stigmas associated with mental health issues while bridging the divide between those who understand the importance of support and those who don’t.

Dave frequently collaborates with other artists in the field and routinely incorporates visual art within his other creative non-profit initiatives. Dave’s work has been repeatedly celebrated, not only because of the subject matter it tackles but because Dave makes sure that a non-profit organization, in some way, shape or form, reaps the benefit.

LifeAfterDeath all began as a hopeful way of saying to all who have lost, that we can still carry on and have wonderful lives. It just requires a lot of time and work and even then, it never really goes away, but we learn how to carry on for ourselves and our loved ones who are still with us! There is life after death. We have to choose it. In time, it is possible. - Dave Navarro

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Life After Death Street