Billy Morrison

Los Angeles, CA

b.1969, United Kingdom

Lives and works in Los Angeles, CA

Billy Morrison has a rare and genuine success story. After finding himself homeless and close to death, he has since risen to be one of the world’s leading rhythm guitar players. While he is most widely known for his musical talents, currently playing with Billy Idol since 2009, he has been an avid art collector for the last 25 years and in the last 10, has been exploring his own painterly style. Morrison is a self-taught artist, greatly influenced by the styles of Andy Warhol, Shepard Fairey, Banksy, and others to their likeness whose works adorn the walls of his Beverly Hills home. Morrison’s first painting ironically came out of a conversation with his close friend, Ozzy Osborne. While on tour, Morrison found catharsis in yet another creative outlet when he took four tubes of paint and one paintbrush to a canvas, resulting in the first of many works of its kind. Self-study and experimentation is the essence of Morrison’s process, working with oil paints in a Warhol-esque aesthetic. Morrison’s iconic style mimics the effects of multilayered screen printing through a street art approach with the use of stencils. Focusing on single imagery compositions, he challenges himself to reduce an image to three or four colors, creating depth of field in a posterized fashion. Morrison is motivated by the elements of vivid color and texture and continues to delve into his artistic practice of investigating materials while reimagining familiar imagery through his own personal lens and punk rock style. Written by Tara Barone

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Billy Morrison