Los Angeles, CA

SHOCK is a prolific graffiti artist based in the Twin Cities, encompassing Saint Paul and Minneapolis. With a career spanning over 22 years, SHOCK has lived in and drawn inspiration from Detroit, Chicago, and Philadelphia, cities that have significantly influenced his artistic evolution. He currently resides between California and Illinois. 

SHOCK’s work is a vibrant merger of diverse influences. His creative process draws from science and science fiction, elements of the natural world, Futurism, ancient symbols, early computer art, and Art Deco. He is captivated by the raw beauty found in corporate art, abandoned buildings, industrial electrical equipment, blueprints, and infographics. His commitment to observing the world around him drives frequent museum visits, where he absorbs and reinterprets a vast array of artistic expressions.

Location has been a defining aspect of SHOCK’s development. Moving between Midwestern cityscapes, he built a reputation on work ethic, commitment to the craft, and style. His practice spans diverse mediums, including performance, video, sculpture, design, clothing, magazine publications, graffiti, printmaking, music, and writing. For the last decade, SHOCK has continued to push the boundaries of artistic expression, leading by example.

Currently, SHOCK creates art from objects salvaged from abandoned warehouses, grain silos, factory floors, and overlooked spaces across the country. These objects, with their unique histories, serve as raw materials for his transformative art. Collaborating with fellow visionaries, he produces large-scale painting installations that captivate and inspire.

As a distinguished member of the world-renowned graffiti crew MSK (Mad Society Kings), SHOCK stands at the forefront of contemporary art, fearlessly pushing boundaries and challenging conventions. His work has earned national and international acclaim, cultivating a devoted following eagerly anticipating each new creation.

With unwavering dedication to innovation and authenticity, SHOCK is an artist in constant evolution, continually reinventing himself while staying true to his Midwest roots.